Chez Nicole et Jean-Michel WILEUR

Nicole et Jean-Michel WILEUR
Mont Saint Martin, 75

A 15-are urban garden in the form of a three-level terrace surrounding the eighteenth-century main building erected on the former remparts of Liège. A 360° vista of the City. The southern exposure and the presence of old walls is favourable to meridional species: lavender, fig trees, cactuses, apricot trees, vines. Hundred-years-old chestnut tree and beech, fountains, pleasure vegetable garden, urban poultry yard.

Leave your car in the St Lambert underground car park and walk in the direction of Mont St-Martin. When the road turns, near the church, take to the left until you reach n° 75. With luck you may manage to park your car in the Mont St-Martin street, but the possibilities are very limited