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Liliane et Armand PLUNUS
Rue Vaux, 44

A 40-are garden, designed by the owners during the last twenty years. It is an invitation to a leisurely stroll among various spaces structured by hornbeam and maple hedges. You will discover banks of flowers, vegetable gardens, a few fruit trees and a flowery meadow. Latterly, some modifications have been introduced favouring the plantation of trees and shrubs chosen for their autumnal colours. This garden also offers beautiful vistas on the little valleys of the Pays de Herve.

E40 motorway Liège-Aachen, exit 37. Turn right onto the N3 towards Herve. 500 m further, turn left towards Melen. Drive straight on for 3 kms until you reach a T-junction. On your right you have rue Vaux.