Baron Emmanuel DEL MARMOL
rue Sonkeu, 16

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“The knotted hornbeams”

Situated on the Herve plateau, exposed to winds and to the cold, lying on a ground consisting of silex and clay, this one-ha garden replaces a former orchard. Rich in curves and bends – not unlike a woman’s statue – it has been designed in stages without the help of any architect. It consists of mixed borders and perennials, leading to green lanes edged with flowers. Because of its openings and perpectives, it invites the visitor to walk on and discover alarge variety of daffodils, thododendrons,azaleas, roses, hydrangeas, acers, salices, viburnums, cornus (among which one ‘Florida’) and hellebores.

E40 motorway, exit 37. Drive towards Herve(N3). After driving for about 800m and passing the Citroën garage, turn left into Rue Sonkeu. At the Ravel bridge, when the road divides to form a Y,  take the righthand branch , which is in fact a cul-de-sac.

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